Business Central integration

The POS solution made for 
Business Central

POS365 is a standalone application built in the .NET MAUI framework with a deep and seamless integration to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, making it possible to access BC data directly on the POS.

POS365 provides you with

Sales management

Best-in-class UI

Offline sales


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The power of the POS365 Business Central integration

POS365 redefines retail management with a robust suite of features seamlessly integrated with Business Central.

Business logic integration

Inherit and leverage your existing business rules and logic from Business Central and ensure consistency and operational efficiency.

Minimal POS configuration​

Business Central serves as the master data source and minimize setup complexity while ensuring data accuracy.

Omnichannel enablement

Enable omnichannel retailing and provide a unified experience across all sales channels.

Sales quotes

Quickly generate and manage sales quotes and facilitate smooth transactions.

Sales order management

Streamline your sales processes directly from the POS and get efficient order management.

Sales invoice and payment

Accept payment from sales invoices from Business Central directly within the POS Make a seamless checkout experience.

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