Release Log

Feature updates


  • With the Vipps & MobilePay merge, we’ve seamlessly integrated VippsMobilePay into POS365. Now, accepting mobile payments is swift and easy. Say goodbye to queues and hello to convenience. 
    Guide: How to – Set up VippsMobilePay

  • No more surprises. When you attempt to run “online-only” functions while your POS PC is offline, POS365 now gives you a friendly heads-up. Stay in control, even when the connection wavers.
    This is a standard functionality.  Activation is not required.

  • Forgot to select a printer? No worries. POS365 has your back and prompts you to choose a printer when you hit the print button. Efficiency just got an upgrade.
    This is a standard functionality.  Activation is not required.


  • Empower your workforce with the POS365 Role Management solution that offers streamlined access control with our POS365 Clerk and Administrator roles. With our POS365 solution, you can ensure all employees can access what’s necessary while allowing your administrators to focus on their core responsibilities.
    Guide: How to – Add a new user (Front/Clerk)

  • Stay up-to-date with the POS365 system that automatically notifies you when an update is available. You can rest assured that your system is always up-to-date and secure; if it detects an update is required, it will now prompt you to update via your system’s app store.
    This is a standard functionality.  Activation is not required.

  • Shop with ease during your airport visit with POS365’s brand-new boarding card scan feature. Our solution makes shopping a breeze so your customers can focus on their travel experience.
    To activate this function, please contact your POS365 system provider.


  • POS365 now has a new feature that allows you to print return labels only on a completed sale.  This way, you can reduce your printing costs, save paper, and avoid confusion and errors.
    Guide: How to – Create a return label

  • With POS365, managing multiple barcodes on items is now a built-in and super simple task, should an item be equipped with multiple barcodes. 
    Guide:  How to – Add barcodes to items

  • Altering your refund periods is a simple and effective way to boost your sales and reputation. You can now easily alter your refund periods for your POS365 solution.
    To activate this function please contact your POS365 system provider.


  • POS365 now includes an easy way to manage your orders, so you might want to try the new hospitality view. This feature allows you to customize your sales front with item buttons that you can tap to add products to the active sale. You can also create categories to organize your items making  them easier to navigate.
    To activate this function please contact your POS365 system provider.


  • POS365 now offers a Window-mode feature that lets you run multiple apps on the same screen as your point-of-sale system. This means you can easily switch between different tasks and manage your business more efficiently. Whether you need to check your inventory, update your website, or send an email, you can do it all without leaving POS365. Window-mode is the ultimate multitasking tool for your business.
    Guide: How to run POS365 in window mode
  • By default, POS365 now adapts to the Windows theme you have chosen for your device. But if you want to change it, you can easily do so on a user level. This means you can have different themes for different users or switch between themes whenever you want.
    Guide: How to change the theme of POS365


  • With POS365, you can enhance your customer experience with VGA color customer displays. These displays show your customers what’s on the active order in vivid colors and high resolution. This way, your customers can easily see what they are buying and how much they are paying. VGA color customer displays are a great way to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.
    Guide: How to – Enable customer screen display
  • POS365 makes it easy for you to change your ClientID when you move your POS to a different location. The system will automatically restart when you change your ClientID, so you don’t have to do it manually. This saves you time and hassle and ensures your POS is always ready to use. POS365 is the smart and convenient solution for your point-of-sale needs.
    Guide: How to – Sign in
  • With POS365, you can now accept credit card payments with Flatpay terminals. Flatpay terminals are secure, cost-effective, and simple to use.  Flatpay terminals are compatible with POS365 and allow you to process payments faster and more easily.
    Guide: How to – Set up a Flatpay terminal


  • POS365 now lets you create a cash withdrawal in the POS. This means you can use your credit card to get cash from the POS, just like an ATM. This is a convenient and secure way to access your money without leaving the store. 
    GuideHow to – Withdraw cash from POS365
  • With POS365, you can scan barcodes faster and easier with Zebra barcode scanners. Zebra barcode scanners have a quick scanning mode that allows you to scan multiple items in a row continuously. This makes the scan process more manageable and smoother. 
    GuideHow to – Setup your Zebra scanner to “Fast scanning mode”

Release date: 2023.11.27