With our POS365 solution you get

A window of business opportunities for small and mid-size clients.

POS365 front


  • A POS solution which is available on Windows, Android and iPads.
  • A user-friendly solution that simplifies complexity.
  • POS365 will update automatically at every new release.
  • A system built in the future-proof framework of .NET and MAUI technology that allows endless scalability.
  • Intuitive UI facilitating a quick sales process in both online and offline mode.
Admin Center

Admin Center

  • The preferred tool for Store Managers.
  • Easy control of user-levels.
  • Providing minute-for-minute sales statistics via the built-in dashboard.
  • Live business information such as sales figures and stock quantity on multiple store levels.
Business Central

BC Integration

  • A fully independent POS solution with seamless integration to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
  • The option to create and pay invoices directly within BC from the POS.
  • Synchronization of transaction and payment data directly from the POS solution to BC.
  • Easy onboarding that allows our partners to install from anywhere in the world and get a new customer up and running in minutes.

Let's win the Retail battle together

The POS ONE company

With over 25 years of experience in POS and retail, POS ONE is a leading, future-proof and innovative ISV, developing apps for Dynamics 365 Business Central. We help partners and retailers worldwide to be more efficient, optimize their workflow and grow their businesses, through our SaaS solution with focus on small and mid-size businesses.

25+ years experience

Our retail clients expect to be serviced with the best technology and the best team.
– We make our clients’ life easier

200+ clients

We work closely with our partners helping them service their retail clients.
– We are ready to help you too

Best in class

We provide you with a modern and flexible solution, so you can focus on your business.
– We give you full flexibility

“We experience that POS ONE shares our view of creating value for the customer. They are the right innovative partner for us with their Point-of-Sales expertise and insights into the customer’s needs. Together, we create the best solutions for our customers.”


“One of the great values of working with POS ONE is your ability to see into the future. You have a very strong team. It gives us confidence during our implementations”

POS365 Subscription

Price per POS

€ 80 /month

Subscription for POS365 includes:

Integration to Dynamics 365 Business Central
Integration to Dynamics 365 Business Central

A fully independent POS solution with fast integration.

Access to Admin Center
Access to Admin Center

Dashboard with centralized administration.

Advanced Retail
Advanced Retail

Live business information such as sales figures and stock quantity on multiple store levels.

We know you have questions
- let us answer them for you

    You can also reach out to us.
    +45 7022 1315 or contact@posone365.com

    Meet our specialists

    Claus Klein-Ipsen
    Claus Klein-Ipsen

    +45 2630 6050

    Jacques Rasmussen
    Jacques Rasmussen
    Sales Director | Head of Partners

    +45 9215 9533

    Brian Kock
    Brian Kock

    +45 6520 1310

    Morten Nielsen
    Morten Nielsen
    Business Development | Partner Manager

    +45 3695 0182

    John Holdt
    John Holdt
    CTO | CPO
    Stefan Gurszky
    Stefan Gurszky
    Head of Development – Business Central

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