With POS365, you get the leading Point-of-Sale solution that can do everything you need, combined in a modern and user-friendly solution.
You can manage everything from purchasing and sales to product handling, bookkeeping and accounting.

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Elevate your business with our POS features

Explore a range of powerful Point-of-Sale features designed to take your business to new heights. 

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  • Business Central integration € 40
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Get started with your new point-of-sale solution, POS365, which offers you all the advantages:

  • Low fixed price
  • No setup fee
  • No contract
  • No hidden fee 

Should you, contrary to expectations, not be satisfied with your POS365, you can simply cancel it by the end of the upcoming calendar month.

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POS365 features

Point-of-Sale solution

Advanced sales features

You get quick access to product information, inventory and advanced sales functions.

Finish a sale anywhere

Our solution works both online and offline. Sell if your internet doesn't work, you're at a flea market, fair etc.

Get started quickly

POS365 is an intuitive and user-friendly solution. You therefore need to spend minimal time getting started.

Integrate with your ERP solution

Automate the bookkeeping between your ERP solution and your cash register solution, so that you avoid manual work and ensure correct data.

Online administration

Create products, campaigns, new employees etc. and pull sales reports, statistics and inventory.

You always have help
by your hand

With our built-in support module, you always have quick answers to your questions.


We want to be the best on the market

We are specialists in developing Point-of-Sale solutions, and we are passionate about delivering the best solutions that give you the opportunity to optimize your workflows and procedures.
It is important to us to have satisfied customers. Therefore, we develop our Point-of-Sale solutions in close collaboration, so that our functions are always consistent with the wishes and requirements from partners and customers.