A POS Solution for the Service Industry

POS365 is a modern cash solution designed for craftsmen and the service industry, making it easier for you to receive upfront payments and conduct invoice sales directly at your customers’ locations. You can now spend much less time sending invoices and potential reminders to your customers.

You can take your POS365 on the go and ensure immediate payment processing. POS365 also handles situations where major clients have discounts. You can generate invoice sales directly from POS365 for your business customers.

Service Industry

The five most requested service features

The service industry focuses on high customer satisfaction and efficient operations. These five attributes are constantly sought after by our customers within the realm of craftsmanship and service:”


High operational reliability is essential. It's important for POS terminals to function even if the network connection or other IT solutions are down. Sales should be possible at all times.

Ease of use

An intuitive user interface is important, especially for newly hired staff in a store.

Up-front payment

Ability to receive up-front payments from customers through a mobile device. It's important for all payments to be processed correctly, and common payment solutions should be available.

Invoice sales

Conduct invoice sales directly from a mobile device to business customers.

Integration with accounting systems

Sales transactions and payments should be able to be recorded in real-time or at the end of the day in the accounting system.