Optimize your retail business with our all-in-one POS (point-of-sale) cash solution

A POS solution for the retail industry

Make it easy to manage your company from purchase, sales, customer loyalty, accounting, and finance. 

POS365 is a modern cash solution that makes it easier for you and your employees to serve customers and handle daily operations.

POS365 is incredibly user-friendly while also incorporating all the most commonly used functions within the retail industry.

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The eight most requested retail features

The retail industry focuses on customer satisfaction, efficient operations, and increased productivity.
These eight features are constantly in demand by our retail customers:


High operational reliability is essential. It's important for POS terminals to function even if the network connection or other IT solutions are down. Sales should be possible at all times.

Ease of use

An intuitive user interface is important, especially for newly hired staff in a store.

Customizable features

Despite common traits in retail, each business has special needs that should be easily adaptable.

Secure payment processing

It's important for all payments to be processed correctly, and common payment solutions should be available.

Swift navigation

Especially in supermarkets, this is essential, but in all retail stores, quick customer service is important.

Gift cards

Significant additional revenue comes from gift cards, and a POS terminal should be able to issue and redeem them.

Customer loyalty

Relevant communication to loyal customers is increasingly important. For instance, information about new products and services that can be communicated via SMS or email.

Integration with accounting systems

Sales transactions should be able to be recorded in real-time or at the end of the day in the accounting system.