Do you want to risk losing your customers and data?

Data in the cloud or locally?

New digital checkout solutions (POS solutions) offer a lot of advantages. There are still some in the retail industry who feel that they lack the necessary experience with checkout solutions, where a lot of data is in the ‘cloud’.
Having a ‘good old’ permanently installed cash register, where data only resides locally, can feel safe. The interesting thing is that it is actually quite the opposite. It is risky only to have data locally.
That’s why this question is important to everyone in the retail industry: What is your backup plan if your checkout system suddenly goes down?

No backup, no sales or much hassle

Old cash register

We are occasionally contacted by retail stores where their old local checkout system has crashed. There can be many reasons for that. Eg. a strong lightning strike in the immediate area, water damage, or unexplained hardware failures.

What they have in common is that with their old system, they cannot just grab a laptop or tablet and continue with sales. They have to wait for a new computer to be delivered by post or courier. During the entire waiting period, which can potentially be several days, sales can often only be completed with pen and paper, or at least with great difficulty.

Data both in the 'cloud' and locally is the best

The described scenario could have happened earlier. But fortunately, it no longer does. It is safer and actually cheaper with the modern digital checkout solutions (POS solutions).
Old fixed checkout systems are far less reliable and flexible in operation than the new POS solutions.

The best thing is actually to choose a digital POS system that can have your data locally and in the cloud, as well as work both online and offline.This ensures that you can access your data in all situations and that you can also always keep your business open.

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