Avoid incorrect information, wasted time and lost sales

More and more small retail stores choose to integrate their digital checkout solution (POS solution) with their financial system (ERP solution). This prevents, among other things, customers from receiving outdated information, that colleagues waste time and that the retail store from losing sales. 

Here are some of the advantages of one's POS and ERP solution being able to exchange data through an integration

Improved stock management

Better check on stock levels across stores, prevent out-of-stock items and optimize product orders.

Automated reporting

Better overview of sales, inventory and other key figures.

Improved customer service

Interaction between POS and ERP solution can help retailers customize customer experiences, track customer interactions and provide better support.

Increased efficiency

A modern POS solution can automate many manual tasks through smart data exchange with the financial system (the ERP solution). It can free up employees to focus more time on work to the greater delight of customers and business.